Anonymous inquired you remind me of daisy lowe, but prettier

omg thank u !!!

ilaughwhenipee2 inquired Very nice blog, love it :]

thank u so much :)

koshkaforella-deactivated201205 inquired Also, you're jksfbjsdbf gorgeous! x

thank u sweeeeeet :)

koshkaforella-deactivated201205 inquired Hey :] I just wanted to tell you that your other blog is actually my favorite right now. :))

ohh that’s nice :) i hope you like this too!

sugaramongthefreaks inquired I follow your image blog, which lead me to this blog, which lead me to a harmony korine photo of Trash Humpers which lead me to follow you because I FUCKING LOVE harmony korine and anyone who loves him too is cool. also i do enjoy your blog, your pretty and you rule

thank you! all of this you’re telling me makes me smile. keep enjoying my blogs, cause i love harmony korine too.



Anonymous inquired What's your favorit band? What's your favorite song of all times?

my favorite band Sonic youth and song? i don’t know cause there are many ;)

paradisefall inquired
I'm glad to hear that! :*