paradisefall inquired O__O omfg youre an angel <3

omfg thank u!!!

you know? your easy words are heaven for me right now when i’m feeling down. thank u

orage inquired Heya,

Perchance, do you enjoy rain?

If so check out my blog:


thanks for the rain

traditorebiscotino-deactivated2 inquired Gracias, por seguir de vuelta mi blog.
Buenas fotos.

gracias, bienvenido :)

slimewave inquired It looks like Anon still has some problems with the English language..

Yes, i mean how ignorant, mexican language?


Anonymous inquired ddo you speak mexican

it’s called Spanish

Anonymous inquired so if you speak spanish, what ethnicity are you?

i’m mexican

i’m a graphic designer

scandyfactory-deactivated201102 inquired i just love this latest series of photos...two people enjoying hanging out and doing what they like together

it’s nice how a “diary” can be so cool and i’m glad when amazing people like you enjoy it :)